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Aaron Shelley, M.S.S., Ph.D. (pending thesis), SPN, SCCC, CFT, SSC.

Head Strength & Conditioning Coach/Director of Sports Performance Nutrition


Aaron has been a collegiate speed, strength and conditioning coach and Sports Nutritionist for the last 25 years. He earned his degrees at Oregon State University in the area of Strength Physiology with minors in Nutrition, Medical Physiology and Biochemistry.

Previous Professional Positions Held:


* Director of Content Development for MastersofFitness.com
* Conditioning Coach Braveheart MMA
* Head Strength Coach & Nutritionist at Texas Tech University.
* Board of Directors for the CSCC (Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association).
* Head Speed, Strength, & Conditioning Coach and Director of Sports Nutrition at the University of Nevada.
* Head Sport Nutritionist and Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coordinator at The University of Kentucky
* Assistant Strength Coach at Oregon State overseeing all sports.
* Instructor at OSU in the area of Exercise Science
* Guest Writer: Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Coach Illustrated, Flex, and Shape to name a few.
* Advisory Board of Men’s Fitness Magazine.



* Ph.D. (pending thesis)- Exercise Physiology, Minor in Biochemistry & nutrition
* MSS – Master of Sports Sciences
* SCCC- Strength & Conditioning Coach Certified
* SPN – Sports Performance Nutritionist
* CFT – Certified Fitness Trainer
* SSC – Specialist in Strength & Conditioning

Early on in his career, he was an instructor at OSU in the area of Exercise Science. During his stint at OSU, he authored and co-authored over 24 publications and presentations in the area of muscle strength and bone metabolism. More recently, Coach Shelley has been a featured expert and guest writer in many different magazines including: Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Coach Illustrated, Flex and Shape – just to name a few.

With over 20 years in the field, Coach Shelley was the personal trainer of several popular professional athletes nationwide and bodybuilders while living in Oregon.

Aaron is an accomplished power lifter and bodybuilder himself, having won several major titles on the West Coast.

When it comes to words of praise, what could be better than hearing it from Coach Bob Knight, Head Coach of the Texas Tech Basketball Team. Coach Knight said, “I’ve never worked with anybody who is as intense at it and puts the effort into it that Aaron Shelley has. He’s about as good as you can be in that phase of athletics.” Coach Knight also said, ” Aaron Shelley is the best in the country at what he does.” – speaking about Coach Shelley’s abilities as the head strength & conditioning coach for Red Raider basketball as well as director of sports nutrition at Texas Tech.

In addition, Coach Shelley was selected to the Advisory Board of Men’s Fitness Magazine. Men’s Fitness Magazine has the largest circulation of any magazine in its category. Coach Shelley serves as a technical advisor on various topics including nutrition, diet, weight training, sport specific training and conditioning and nutritional supplements.

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