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Your Guide to Get Lean

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1st October

Clients often hire me because they’re fed up with working hard without getting the results they want. When I ask my female clients what their current workouts entail, the answer I most commonly get is “cardio” – usually a combination of running, the elliptical machine, group exercise classes and spinning. What they don’t do is weight train. When I ask why, the most common response is, “I don’t want to bulk up.”

Unfortunately, the very thing they’ve been avoiding – weights – may be the missing piece of their fitness puzzle. Why? To lose fat and change your body composition, you first need to overhaul your diet and improve your metabolism. Cardio only really burns calories during your workout. If you want to change the shape of your body, you have to gradually increase your resting metabolic rate. The higher your …


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25th July

Coffee: Is it good or bad for us? So many conflicting reports exist about both the benefits and drawbacks of coffee and needless to say, it can be a confusing topic.

First, let’s discuss what makes coffee such a hot topic widely disputed in today’s health circles.


Coffee and Blood Sugar Metabolism

While there are many controversies about coffee’s role in the prevention of Parkinson’s disease to breast cancer, I’m mostly interested in the conversation relating to its effect on blood sugar metabolism. 

The single most important healthy habit all of us can adopt is to manage our blood sugar by decreasing the triggers that push it out of balance. Curious if coffee is one of those triggers?

As Dr. Walter C. Willet of Harvard School of Public Health says, “Coffee is an amazingly potent collection of biologically active compounds.” Like any food-like substance, coffee has …

9 Natural Cereals That Aren’t

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10th February

Question: Which of the following can be legally labeled “natural”?

a. Foods with added sweeteners
b. Foods with chemical preservatives
c. Foods with artificial sweeteners
d. Foods with added color

Answer: Every single one of them. It’s true, outside of the meat counter, the FDA makes no stipulation about the use of the term “natural,” leaving manufacturers to abuse it however they see fit. Gross, right? But here’s something even worse: When the Cornucopia Institute, an organic watchdog group, recently analyzed so-called “natural” cereals, it found that they’re often contaminated with pesticides and warehouse fumigation chemical residues, genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) and ingredients grown in sewage sludge.

“It’s important for consumers to know that these companies are using conventional ingredients to produce their ‘natural’ cereal, most likely produced with pesticides and fumigants,” explains Charlotte Vallaeys, director of farm and food policy at Cornucopia. Despite the fact …

Steps To Strengthen Your Immune System

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26th June

What Is The Immune System?

We often hear about how different actions can either strengthen or weaken our immune system, but what exactly is this ‘Immune system’ that people talk of? Well, the immune system is a set of organs, cells and substances which protects the body against different types of infections and diseases. Whenever the immune system detects a foreign virus, bacteria or a parasite, its purpose is to attack it. The immune system is aware of common substances that are in our present body, hence whenever a foreign substance enters the body, the immune system checks whether it is harmful or not. If it is then the immune system destroys these foreign substances such as bacteria or virus.  Immune system can even help protect us against life threatening diseases such as cancer.

This brings up the question whether the immune …

Jumping Rope. Not just for kids!

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15th February

 Remember the song, “Not last night but the night before, twenty-four robbers came knockin’ on my door?” Those were the days when playing hopscotch, jumping rope and hanging on the monkey bars were our primary occupations.

While hopscotch and swinging from the jungle gym may no longer be a part of your leisure time, jumping rope could be. Not only is it a great cardiovascular alternative and addition to your usual aerobic workout, jumping rope can increase body awareness and develop better hand and foot coordination.

Roping Essentials
One of the greatest things about jumping rope is how little it takes to get started. All you really need are some comfortable shoes and a good rope. The best shoes for jumping rope are either aerobic shoes or cross-trainers. Be sure your shoes have a reinforced toe and provide a lot of cushioning for the balls of the feet. …

7 Things You Need to Start Buying Organic

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15th February

Got organic veggies and milk down pat? It’s time to expand your organic-only shopping list.

Organic is alive and well. In fact, shoppers are expanding their organic intentions beyond the produce aisle. Take red meat, for instance. As news reports of recalls and ammonia injected into factory-farmed meat spread, sales of organic beef jumped nearly 50 percent in 2011. Opting for organic non-food items is becoming the norm, too, with many reaching for organic-slanted soaps and shampoos, as well. Interestingly, new data finds that people under 40 are the biggest supporters of organic, regardless of the paycheck they bring in.

Now that you’ve got the routine of eating fresh organic fruits and veggies down pat, try adding these other must-have organic items to your shopping cart.

Hormone-Free Desserts
Standard ice cream usually comes from cows fed a steady (and unnatural) diet of genetically engineered …

Glutamine Product Guide

11th December

Glutamine Product Guide

You are probably reading this guide because you are wondering if glutamine will work for you.  If it will be of any benefit to you.  So really you have a problem that needs a solution.  The goal of this guide will be to determine, based on the results you are seeking, if your money will be best spent on glutamine or on another product.  So first you need to know what results you are seeking from possibly taking glutamine.  What do you want from it?  Once you have that in your head, we must answer the following question…

What will glutamine do for you?

There’s nothing fancy about glutamine.  It’s not a miracle supplement (there’s no such thing) and using it won’t bring results overnight (again, no such thing).  With that said, it really is a tremendous supplement …

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Your Guide to Get Lean

Clients often hire me because they’re fed up with working hard without getting the results they want. When I ask my female clients what...