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Food Label Lies: Multi-Grain

Posted on 12th December, by Aaron Shelley in Tips. Comments Off

Food Label Lies: Multi-Grain

The Lie:

If one grain is good, “multi” grains must be better, right? Yes, except when all those multigrains are just multiple versions of unhealthy refined grains. And that could be what you’re getting when you reach for that loaf of multigrain bread. The FDA has never explicitly stated that anything labeled “multi-grain” must contain the whole version of all grains that are used, and food marketers like to use the claim on wheat products because it makes their products seem healthier than they are.

To get the real thing:

“Multi-grain” isn’t always bad; some companies do in fact use whole grains in multigrain breads, cereals and other baked goods. It just means you have to read the ingredients list and make sure the word “whole” precedes ever grain listed. Or look for the “100% whole grain” claim. That is regulated by the FDA and would mean that all grains used in the product are whole.

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