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Motivating Yourself To Exercise!

Posted on 22nd May, by Aaron Shelley in Tips. Comments Off

Motivating Yourself To Exercise!

Motivating Yourself To Exercise!

Welcome back to the world of working out and exercising! Many start and eventually quit. It has now become monotonous cycle amongst many people! It is a dedication that not many are able to keep. However you deserve a pat on the back for wanting to make a better attempt!

Exercising requires a lot of your time and dedication! You have to want to exercise for it to actually make a difference. However many become busy or get tired – there is no limit to the excuses one makes.  Most people need motivation to exercise’! Motivation is that special something which drives us to do certain things. These reasons of motivation could be almost anything! As long as it makes you want to exercise, at least long enough so that the exercising habit sticks!
Here are some motivational tips that will drive you to exercise! Come rain, come shine, you will have developed a proper habit!


Exercise Motivation Tip # 1 – Set a Goal!

Setting goals gives you a reason to want to do something! And once you complete a goal, you feel as if you are capable of doing anything once you set your mind to it!
Initially, when you set a goal, make sure it is nothing too hard or something farfetched or you’ll just find yourself getting disappointed and end up feeling worse about yourself! Therefore it is important to start with small, clear goals! That way they are easier to achieve and you will be setting a platform to accomplishing bigger goals!
It can even be trying to fit into your old skinny jeans that were buried far back in your closet! Or you can go shopping and buy a few nice things you’ve always wanted to wear! That will surely get your juices flowing to exercise!


Exercise Motivation Tip # 2 – Assign a Work Out Buddy!

There is nothing better than getting to spend time with good buddies! When going exercising, call a friend to go along with you! That way it won’t seem like you’re going for work and will give you an excuse to hangout! This way exercising becomes more fun and soon you’ll find yourself looking forward to going!
Also having an exercise pal makes it difficult to skip and cancel! So you’ll be bound to go, motivation or not!


Exercise Motivation Tip # 3 – Keep a Role Model!

Buy a couple of fitness magazines and keep looking at the cover models! Even though most of them are photo-shopped, you will get the basic motivation of trying to get fit like them! Or pick someone who has that perfect body that you aspire to have! Tell yourself you will work towards this outcome and do it! Set the goal! You can even tape the pictures on your wall or set as wallpaper on your computer screen! Look at it right before its time for you to exercise and know that you can do it!
Note: We don’t imply that you set out to become unrealistically and unhealthily skinny.


Exercise Motivation Tip # 4 – Change Your Perspective!

Many people have negativity surrounding them! They feel as if they can’t do anything, that exercising for them is out of the question, that it’s boring and just a waste of their time as they would rather sit in front of the television and watch their favorite program!
That is the wrong approach to anything in life! When you start you should think ‘Yes, I can do this!’ you should picture yourself exercising rather than dwelling on the fact that you’ll be missing precious T.V time! Once you change your mind set, you’ll notice a change in your entire attitude!


Exercise Motivation Tip # 5 – Time for a Reward!

Once you have set your goal, also plan out a reward! Promise yourself to something you have been putting off for some time! This could be anything apart from the jeans you’ll now be able to fit in! Take yourself to a movie you didn’t get a chance to see, or that basket of fried food you just couldn’t allow yourself to eat! This will keep you motivated to finish your exercise and will make you want to keep setting goals in order to keep giving yourself rewards!

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