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Nutritional Coaching

Nutritional Coaching


You can choose from:

• Personal - face to face with Aaron Shelley if you live within a reasonable distance from our office.

• Group - suitable for corporate offices and associations. Eight weeks – 5 lectures by Aaron Shelley and suitable program leadership to ensure success.

•Distance – e-coaching involving personal e-mail and telephone conversations with Aaron Shelley.

Nutrition Coaching is my passion. If sports endurance performance or recovery, weight loss, better health and more energy stress management, Sports Nutrition are your passion(s), then I can help.

We all need to balance our limited resources to achieve the best health results possible. Losing weight, overcoming health challenges, and competing in a triathlon, marathon, power sports or adventure endurance race require lifestyle changes and require a significant investment of time and some money. Why not invest in a coach?

You need a coach that has pure science and lots of experience. Someone who is formally educated in nutrition, exercise physiology, research and testing and sport psychology! In addition you also need someone who is compassionate and understanding. Someone who will listen and plan your path.

Life is not all about individual excellence, but if done right, your can reach your potential. You can learn to manage your “inventory” by balancing your carbohydrate, protein and fat consumption to optimize your body hormonal responses to the stresses of life.

For those who need group support, there is group training in Calgary, other locations are in the planning stages and clinics are scheduled through out the year!

Achieving Better Health for Your Reason.

Personal and Distance Coaching by Aaron Shelley.

Contact me for pricing and options!

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