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Personal Training Services Provides:

*One-On-One Personal Fitness Training
*Complete Instruction in the use of free weights and all types of exercise equipment
*Custom designed workout programs, individually tailored to suit YOUR body and YOUR goals
*Aerobic/Cardiovascular guidance
*Fitness Consultating and Assessments, including Balance, Flexibility and Strength and Nutritional evaluation

One-on-One Personal Fitness Training
Complete individual exercise instruction as well as continual motivation and support to all clients. Contact Aaron for training locations and appointment availability.
Those who would benefit from one-on-one training would be someone:
* Who has purchased new equipment and wants instruction on proper use.
* Who is interested in learning how to start a weight training program or change their current program.
* Who needs to rehabilitate an injury.
* Who needs extra motivation, accountability and support to help them reach their goals.
* Who is looking for instruction to increase training effectiveness.
* Who is getting ready for a competition or sport and needs guidance to reach peak physical performance.

Each Custom Designed Program:

* Is tailored to fit the individual, taking into account medical history, time constraints, previous injuries and personal goals.
* Includes tips to help ensure your safety and to help assure you get the most out of each workout.
* General programs are available in one of four phases:

* Beginner Phase I: Designed for the novice, this phase provides detailed instruction on how to exercise each individual muscle group. This total body workout provides general conditioning by focusing on strengthening connective tissue and prepares you for more strenuous levels of physical activity.

* Beginner/Intermediate Phase IIA: This phase is for the person who has a basic knowledge of exercise technique. Workout sessions may be divided between upper and lower body muscle groups. The level of intensity in this phase promotes body fat loss due to improved muscle strength and increased metabolism. Additional exercises are given as progress occurs, providing each client with a more varied routine and a greater knowledge of exercise technique.

* Intermediate Phase IIB: This phase is similar to Phase IIA, however, additional exercises, sets, and tempos are incorporated into the routine. The client is also introduced to various training methods designed to meet their specific fitness goals and guard against reaching training plateaus. Further reduction of body fat and increased lean muscle tissue occur due to increased intensity levels.

* Advanced Phase III: This phase requires many months of prior training and is typically a more strenuous and demanding method of training. In this phase, only selected muscle groups are trained on a given day. Phase III is for the client who wishes to reach their maximum fitness potential and may be utilized for as long as desired.

Cardio Program

Each client is advised as to the appropriate aerobic/cardiovascular conditioning suitable for their goals.

Each Program:
* Is designed to fit the individual, taking into account medical history, previous injury and personal goals.
* Includes guidelines pertaining to frequency, duration, and level of intensity appropriate for the individual.
* Includes a program outline to help you get the most out of your cardio workout, with tips to ensure safety.

Fitness Consultations
Price: $100.00

These face to face consultations are one hour in length, and offer the following:
* Flexibility/strength/balance/posture assessment
* Cardiovascular fitness advice and guidelines
* Overall health assessment
* Development of fitness objectives and goals
* Nutritional discussion and information

Once the consultation has been completed, workout sessions may be scheduled. These follow up sessions provide the client with instruction on proper exercise form, stretching, and choosing proper weight loads. Each client receives a personalized weight training program listing exercises, sets and repetitions. Clients are free to schedule regular sessions or work out on their own with the information provided.

45 minute training sessions $75.00
30 minute training sessions $50.00

*If training with a friend, second person is half-price*
*Individual or multiple sessions may be purchased at discount*
*Gift certificates available*

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