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Steps To Strengthen Your Immune System

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Steps To Strengthen Your Immune System

What Is The Immune System?

We often hear about how different actions can either strengthen or weaken our immune system, but what exactly is this ‘Immune system’ that people talk of? Well, the immune system is a set of organs, cells and substances which protects the body against different types of infections and diseases. Whenever the immune system detects a foreign virus, bacteria or a parasite, its purpose is to attack it. The immune system is aware of common substances that are in our present body, hence whenever a foreign substance enters the body, the immune system checks whether it is harmful or not. If it is then the immune system destroys these foreign substances such as bacteria or virus.  Immune system can even help protect us against life threatening diseases such as cancer.

This brings up the question whether the immune system can be strengthened or not? The answer is yes, some foods and activities can help improve and strengthen the immune system. So how can we strengthen the immune system? Fitness Republic tells you about the different things which can help strengthen the immune system.

Steps To Strengthen Your Immune System

Healthy Diet

Proper diet is important for the smooth and efficient functioning of various parts of the body, likewise, proper diet can also strengthen the immune system of the body. Some nutrients are very important for the immune system since it promotes proper functioning. Vitamin A is a nutrient which helps strengthen the immune system; studies have revealed that deficiency of this nutrient can weaken the immune system making the body more vulnerable. Other Vitamins such as Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Vitamin D also play an important role, all of these vitamins aid in strengthening the immune system. Zinc and Selenium are other nutrients, the deficiency of these nutrients hamper the smooth functioning of the immune system.

Hence, it is important that you maintain a proper diet for strengthening the immune system. Foods that are rich in these nutrients should be consumed and should be a part of the daily diet. The richest sources of these nutrients are fruits and vegetables.

Stress Levels

Scientists have found out that immune system and stress level are interlinked. There has been no proper study on humans; this is because it is difficult to create a controlled environment. However, experiments on animals revealed that when they were exposed to stressful situations, the immune system was not working as efficiently as under normal conditions. This led to the conclusion that high stress level can weaken the immune system, which makes the body more vulnerable. So another way you can strengthen the immune system is by learning how to cope with stressful situations, it is advised to participate in stress relieving activities such as hiking, running, walking, stretching, strength training, yoga-like activities, and just about any other form of exercise.


We already know that exercise is very beneficial for the body. Exercise can help improve cardiac health and strengthen muscles of the body. Does exercise strengthen the immune system? That is the real question, even though scientist have not proven this yet but they believe that proper exercise does strengthen the immune system. This is because exercise promotes efficient blood flow, which means protective cells can be circulated easily. This means that the immune system can easily detect any foreign substance.


Yes, proper sleep does help strengthen the immune system! Not getting enough sleep triggers the stress response, as we discussed earlier the immune system becomes weaker when an individual is under stressful situation.  Hence, it is advised that in order to strengthen the immune system, every individual should sleep for 7-9 hours at least. Any individual who does not get proper sleep is more likely to get sick.


It is suggested that limiting the amount of alcohol you intake can also strengthen the immune system. A research conducted by Brown University revealed that alcohol is toxic for the immune system; this is because it destroys cells called dendritic cells. These cells play a very important role in the immune system since they detect foreign substances and attack them. Hence, you can strengthen the immune system by avoiding excess alcohol consumption.


The immune system is very efficient and most of the times it guards us against hostile viruses and infections, provided it is nurtured. But there are times when it fails to perform its functions. This occurs when the immune system is weak.  In order to protect your body from disease and illness, you must take care of your immunity system by strengthening it with these steps.

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