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Stress: Brush it Off

Posted on 14th February, by Aaron Shelley in Tips. Comments Off

Stress: Brush it Off

Stress is a part of the present life. There could be many reasons for the stress: Financial problems, family problems, and sickness of somebody in the house or your own temperament.

Stress can increase our energy and alertness, if it is in smaller doses. If STRESS exceeds our ability to cope with it then very slowly it starts affecting our complete body systems.

Initial symptoms could be reflected in the form of anxiousness, nervousness, distraction, excess worry or internal pressure. If these problems are not attended properly, it may soon turn into severe headache, depression, loose motions, high blood pressure or hypertension.

How about understanding the affects of stress on our body?

We have certain established beliefs in our subconscious mind. Anything different may convince us to believe the circumstances as stressful. Such situation causes the movement of our body cells into protection mode. The result is an increase in heart rate, blood getting diverted to muscles. The cells are unable to accept the supply of oxygen. The cells do not absorb nutrients, do not properly eliminate waste products and do not function the way they normally should. They start getting weaker and open to disease. The immune power of the body also gets weaker.

Similar situation arises when we are shocked, worried or excessive anxiety is caused due to angry Boss or a shouting spouse. Stressful life could be another reason for such situations.

It is very important that we must try to come out of such situation. Stressful condition for a smaller period does not harm the body but if the situation persists for a longer period. Then it may cause a bigger harm which could not be avoided.

Ways to avoid stress:

Try to identify the reason of stress. Seek advice and help from your family and friends to find a solution.
Maintain a positive outlook

Go for regular exercises

Spare time for events which you enjoy, on regular basis.

Regular rest and sleep is very important for the body relaxation.

Meditation could be one of the dependable ways of achieving relaxation of complete body. Easier way could be: Select a peaceful place. Think of anything which you find interesting. It could be your girlfriend/boyfriend, your children or anything which you love to think about. Close your eyes and start thinking about it. Idea is to limit your thoughts within a smaller circuit. You may sit in that position for 15-25 minutes. When you get up, you will find it very relaxing.
Corpse posture is also very relaxing. You lie down on your back, on a mattress. Feel that toes of your feet are completely relaxed. Think of lower legs being relaxed. Think of your both legs which are completely relaxed. Think you body is completely relaxed. Think your both arms are relaxed. Finally let your head stay in a completely relaxed posture. Lie in that position for 20 minutes. When you get up, you will find your body filled with new energies.

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