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The 7 Health Benefits of Vitamin A

Posted on 11th September, by Aaron Shelley in Product Reviews. Comments Off

The 7 Health Benefits of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is not just one Vitamin; in fact it is a whole wide-ranging group of different nutrients, each of which provides unique health benefits. There are many forms of Vitamin A which include Retinoid, which is Vitamin A found in animal foods, Carotenoids which are found in plant foods. Here we will discuss the vast health benefits of vitamin A.

Good for Your Immunity

Vitamin A plays a very vital role in the protective process of our immunity system, when it comes to fighting off harmful substances from the body. Research conducted also shows that the immune system does not work in the absence of Vitamin A.

Promotes Eye Health

Another benefit of Vitamin A is that it is very good for eye health, in addition to enhancing eye sight as it helps prevent night blindness, helps prevent cataracts, and helps preserve good eyesight .Not only that, but Vitamin A also helps fight against age related macular degeneration.


Vitamin A health benefits also include the fact that it is extremely important and significant for keeping our bodies frontlines, for instance, eyes, nose, mouth, ears lungs, throat, digestive tracts, and even urinary tracts strong. These frontlines are the body’s first line of defense against harmful free radicals, disease and infections. Vitamin A is also crucial for strengthening the mucous membranes of the front line defenses of the body.

Bones and Teeth

Vitamin A in the body may also convert into a compound called Retinoic Acid which helps maintain your bones and teeth. Vitamin A helps in making our teeth stronger as it is the very compound responsible for the development of the hard layer around our teeth which gives our teeth their strength.


Vitamin A acts as a powerful antioxidant which helps fight cancer causing elements such as oxidative stress and even free radicals. This makes vitamin a, a strong cancer preventing agent.

Health Skin

The antioxidant properties in Vitamin A help fight free radicals which are the main cause behind premature aging. Vitamin A also helps your skin retain its natural moisture and is therefore shielded from the perils of dryness, acne, wrinkling, and even itchiness.

Reproductive System

Vitamin A is also very helpful and essential for improving the reproductive system in both males and females.


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